Since I was a child I have dreamt of going to Hawaii. When I graduated from high school with honors my graduation gift was supposed to be a trip to Hawaii when we could afford it. Years passed, life happened and I forgot about Hawaii. It is not that I didn’t want to go it’s just that my life became its own magic carpet ride and Hawaii fell off my radar. Then I started EDEN – San Francisco Pride and I had a new dream… EDEN Hawaii. I mean is there a better place for EDEN than in paradise? After trying for three years to talk it into existence it is finally happening!!!! I head to Maui first weekend of December to do a site visit of the resort and put together the entire package of events and excursions with the lovely people of Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort. I simply cannot wait! ? On this Sunday I am feeling very grateful for my life. I hope YOU have a great day today ❤️.