This is why I don’t cook: It’s rainy, it’s cold and I think to myself I should make a nice hot cup of cocoa to end this very productive, yet stressful day. I make cocoa like once a decade, in fact I can’t remember the last time I made cocoa but I have some in the pantry so I think why the hell not? So I get the milk pour it into mug and I splash half the milk on the counter but I am not deterred. I open the packet of cocoa, a little too hard so half of it ended on the counter with the spilled milk but still I forged on. BUT I was supposed to put the cocoa first and put hot milk on top of it, but I don’t so now I have powdered clumps sitting on top of cold milk. SO I think if I move it to a second mug the powder will end up on the bottom… NO! That is not the case and now there is clumpy powder on the sides and on the rim. I then take a spoon to whip it, whip it real good, except my wrist is too powerful and now half of the half of the cocoa (remember half of it is on the counter) is now splashed across my pjs. I almost give up but decide maybe if I put it in the microwave it will declump. While waiting for the microwave to finish I get out the broom because I need to get the paper towels which are out of reach for this shorty so I can clean up the milk/powder on the counter. I proceed to drop the towels on my head and in trying to avoid the towels hit myself with the broom and then tripping on said broom. The microwave dings and the cocoa comes out looking kinda weird but tastes pretty good. So I have 1/4 a mug of cocoa and 3/4 whipped cream and I am exhausted and a little beaten up. Lesson learned: This is the last cup of cocoa I am making for the next decade. This is dangerous business.