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My fortune for today, how appropriate. #blessed
Now *this* is how you serve FACE #pompousalbert #queerfashionweek
My little sis and I doing our #divaface at the top and joking around at the bottom. When we were kids she would get really mad at me for being the older sister she would scold me and say "remember when I was older than you?" I never did. But now I DO remember you being older than me, in fact let's just pretend you are older than me now 😉. Happy belated sibling day!
Top pic: 1994. Bottom pic: 2012 25 years of friendship and we still look GOOD sometimes the people you consider family aren't blood relatives Happy Belated Sibling Day!
The front of the house is starting to look like a UPS store with all the makeup swag being delivered for QFW. It feels a little like Christmas without the wrapping. #queerfashionweek
QFW is excited to announce that Rob Lebow, creator of the @Gorgeous Project will be at Queer Fashion Week. He will be photographing for his book Gorgeous on Saturday Night at the GENESIS REloaded Afterparty, come dressed to impress, Bay Area style! #queerfashionweek
Before pic of Kainbigan's catering kitchen we 'bout to go HARD #staytuned
At the @igigi warehouse with @aima_the_dreamer pulling looks for @queerfashionweek It's like I died and went to closet heaven #queerfashionweek
My niece and two nephews in their Easter Sunday best. I hella heart these munchkins and miss them soooooo much.
Bebots (learned a new Tagalog word) be like.... Always good times with the crew #kainbigan #firstfridays
Thank Gawdess @fuqinchikun cooked this up yesterday at the shop and sent me home with a plate otherwise I would be eating tostitos and mozzarella cheese for lunch. It is a stir fried chicken with kale and other green things I don't know over rice. #instafood
The Queer Fashion Week Program Guide it is OUT, like all of us 😉 This program guide gives you all the information about schedules, celebrities, designers, performers etc. It is chock full of information for you to peruse at your leisure. This program guide works on your computer, your laptop, your iPads, tablets and smartphones, so save the link so you can reference it throughout Queer Fashion Week Just click this link to get all the information about everything fabulous going on in Oakland April 16th-19th, 2015. Please feel free to share the link with your friends and family! Program Guide:
Grilled Chicken on a bed of romaine with tomatoes, croutons and shredded Parmesan Reggiano with a balsamic drizzle. #instafood
YASSSSSSSSS! @queerfashionweek announces Friday Night Performers for the FASHION ¡EXPLOSION! Celebrity Runway Show at Geoffrey's Inner Circle Friday, April 17th, 2015. Tix available: This night is gonna BUMP!


Queer Fashion Week is HERE!

Queer Fashion Week is HERE!

Queer Fashion Week is FINALLY HERE!  We have so much going on so read the entire newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.  We highly recommend pre-purchasing yourtix to ensure entry.  You can purchase by clicking the link below.   We have updated our program... read more

All holiday shopping is DONE

All holiday shopping is DONE. All gift wrapping is DONE. All Holiday food shopping is DONE. All house cleaning is DONE. All outstanding work is DONE. Three days of food, friends, movies and musicals YaY! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I put one foot in... read more

I rarely buy entire albums actually

I rarely buy entire albums actually the last full album I purchased in the last five years was Beyoncé’s gem earlier this year and now D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, which is worth every penny. read more

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