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Throwback Thursday, @fuqinchikun gave me this card almost six years ago when she was a pop-up and a dream. Look how far you've come! 👀😱🙌😎 #tbt
Just found this on my phone look how cute @8_rock is in the middle of us @ava ava #latepost
Making plans for this year's EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation's initiatives and programming while eating tasty tacos.
EDEN Team Kickoff Brunch. You would think I got enough breakfast meat but we polished it off and then I had my first cronut. Pretty much a perfect Saturday #edenpridesf
The hardest working woman in the music biz. @aima_the_dreamer, it was a great show thanks for the music you rocked that show! I love watching you perform 😘 #baymusic #latepost #lastnight
In 2010 I lost my beloved Lincoln Towncar in the Caldecutt Tunnel to random flying debris. That year was a tough year for me. I was extricating myself from a couple of bad situations. No doubt I was feeling a little bit blue. So when I walked into the dealership, the very first car I laid my eyes on was Lola. She was beyoutiful. She was a tough looking car, built like a brickhouse, 8 cylinder engine, sunroof, all black leather interior, double mufflers that rumbled when you pressed the gas and above all else she was RED. And at that time, I needed a little red in my life. I bought her right then and there. Never had a red car in my life and will probably never have a red car in the future. I love my black cars too much. Even so she was a bawse. She got me everywhere I needed to go. And like anyone name Lola she gave as much as she got. She tempermental, loving, passionate and a big pain my ass. In 2013 I fell in love with another car. Driving down the 80 I saw my first 300 and I was smitten, within two weeks I bought the 300 but I couldn't bring myself to part with Lola, she was a symbol of the moment my life dramatically changed for the better, so I kept her. For almost two years she has been a workhorse. So many people have borrowed her. She has picked up famous people from the airport. She hauled stuff to and from places. She has been a delivery car. She has been a rendevous car. She has been drag race car. There are too many stories to name. Today, I finally sold her. I know she is just a car but she was more than that to me. She was a symbol of a time in my life when I needed a little red in it. She made me free, she made me bold, she made me feel like a bawse. But it is time to let her go, time to move to even better times. It is an end of an era.
I swear some people are soooooooo dramatic. Trust me not everybody care about your drama. #overit #sorrynitsorry
BOOM! #potus #sotu
We are so excited to announce the dates of Queer Fashion Week 2015. Check out the newsletter for all the deets! #qfw #queerfashionweek
Late lunch. Ribs slow roasted overnight with sweet onions and mushrooms so tender the ribs fall apart (no knife required) with yellow squash sautéed in a virgin olive oil and fresh garlic. #instafood #foodporn
I come from a small South Texas town that was heavily segregated as I was growing up. I was not taught about MLK in Junior or High School. It was not until I went to college that I learned the significance of Martin Luther King Jr., his contributions, his impact and his legacy. In this time we live in I am acutely aware of what he was fighting for, how far he got us and how much further we need to go. Thank you Dr. King for your contributions to humanity. The King stays the King. #MLK
Cooking in action #instafood #pressplay
I feel so homemakery. My adventures in cooking continue this is what's for lunch today. Homemade tomato sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes made creamy by melting fresh mozzarella in it over a fusilli pasta cooked al dente topped with shaved Asiago and fresh basil. It was crazy delicious. Serve warm or cold. I ate it warm. #instafood
What can I say it has been a foodie weekend for me. Wheat spaghetti in a home made extra spicy marinara and turkey meatballs topped with Parmesan Reggiano and fresh basil. #instafood


All holiday shopping is DONE

All holiday shopping is DONE. All gift wrapping is DONE. All Holiday food shopping is DONE. All house cleaning is DONE. All outstanding work is DONE. Three days of food, friends, movies and musicals YaY! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I put one foot in... read more

I rarely buy entire albums actually

I rarely buy entire albums actually the last full album I purchased in the last five years was Beyoncé’s gem earlier this year and now D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, which is worth every penny. read more

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