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YASSSSSSSSS! @queerfashionweek announces Friday Night Performers for the FASHION ¡EXPLOSION! Celebrity Runway Show at Geoffrey's Inner Circle Friday, April 17th, 2015. Tix available: This night is gonna BUMP!
Look who I saw this weekend! The ever fabulous Krista look at her rockin' the metallic eyes, hawt! #latepost #femmelife
Lookin' good, feelin' good at this weekend's Limitless Soirée for the SF Center. #latepost
When I was a little girl in a small South Texas town I dreamed of escaping to the big city. I would day dream about Austin or San Antonio. When I got older and came out it changed to Dallas or Houston, SF and the Bay Area was a dream, a wish not even close to being a reality. Yet, last night standing on the balcony of City View, with the SF skyline as a backdrop it hit me, I am living my dreams. I turned my dream into my reality and I am so grateful. I have been here 8 years, it hasn't always been easy but it has always been an adventure! #femboss #femmelife #bosslife
These two rocked the bright colors at last night's gala. Gorgeous! #femmelife
Ballerina moves by Chef Charleen in the lobby of City View, too much free booze. 😉 #kainbigan
Cholas being boss at last night gala. #femboss
Crew love at the Limitless Soirée fundraiser for the SF Center.
This is just one of 120 models walking during @queerfashionweek ... I mean C'MON! Putting together all the graphics for this event just has me saying "oh Lordy" a lot 🙌
I made this! And it turned out delicious 🙌. Cod in a lemon pepper butter sauce with a side mixed green salad. I am looking for meals I can make in less than 20 minutes that are super delish this def goes on the list. #instafood #lessthan20minutes
Inspired by my short trip to Dillions Beach where I watched my friend Maureen cook up delicious meals in 20 minutes or less plus a short cooking lesson from her, here is my first attempt. Grilled cheese with beefsteak tomato and bacon. It was yum!
My two new buds aren't they gorgeous? Maya on top and Anubis on bottom.
My view this morning, eating my bagel and drinking my morning soda enjoying the silence. Getting ready to jump into my day. #dreamlife #bosslife #femlife
Room with a view about to be my current situation. #lasvegas #parishotel #femmelife #dreamlife


All holiday shopping is DONE

All holiday shopping is DONE. All gift wrapping is DONE. All Holiday food shopping is DONE. All house cleaning is DONE. All outstanding work is DONE. Three days of food, friends, movies and musicals YaY! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I put one foot in... read more

I rarely buy entire albums actually

I rarely buy entire albums actually the last full album I purchased in the last five years was Beyoncé’s gem earlier this year and now D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, which is worth every penny. read more

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